Sunday, September 13, 2009

Been a little lets see what I have been up to: 1. Take down show from Corridor gallery 2. Put up show at Zero Gallery Portland 3. Saw some Huskies win 4. When shooting with my lady and her father. 5. Working on a commission for 1800-Autopsy 6. work at Utrecht 7. 4 paintings for Clay Brom gallery Salulita MEX 8. one 3'x5' painting for Zero Gallery 9. getting ready for the Mourning Market at the Motor pub George town October 18 10. Ballard and Fremont Sunday market 11. Group show in Fremont in November. 12. Show a show at the Olympia Little Theatre set for November. As of today, I think that's it for the next few months? Who knows. I am Busy, so don't get mad if its hard to get me to do anything in the next few weeks LOL! I will try to post a little more. I got some new paintings on the way.

AI programming | transhuman questions

Will we build an algorithm for the concept of  wild Animal, like a Coyote, Wolf, Bear? Will we  keep killing in the program since it does...