Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I changed the name of my blog today. While Don DeLeva is a good name for an artist it's a bad title for a blog.
The title Suggestively Subjective came to me a few days ago while talking to a curator friend of mind  about Robert Motherwell and Franz Klein. "Don, might I suggest to you that art is subjective? Klein's work is vaguely interesting but Motherwell is just a SHAM!". It was then I realized my whole life people have been telling me and suggesting to me that art is subjective and that to have a bullnosed opinion about art is ludicrous if you are going to be an artist.  


  1. I think artists need to be a bit of a teacher of what they are trying to say. They need to get their point across.

    1. Hi Karen thank you for writing a comment.
      In one way I agree with you it's good to give someone a direction but in another way you explain the work you deny the work its own voice.

      Does it really matter if Motherwell is a sham? It seems to me that my friend's comment is more about the work not speaking to him then not being a legitimate work.