Sunday, October 20, 2013

It has been a long time but at this point I really don't care.
This morning I took a long shower and felt that hot water hit my back and dreamed of a future long away in a distant past.
I don't mean to be vague but now my ships are leaving the harbor.

Vague as it may be I don't know what to do with it.
I can't seem to put it together so I just have to put it out there and hope someone else gets it or makes sense of it.
I hear voices tell me to put it all together this way or that, but really they are voices telling me to make some sort of sense of something so you, the people, will understand it. Well I am out of Ideas and confusing conglomerations of ill fitting parts that don't help you understand. That's not your fault by the way besides the fact that you have all the faculties to make your own sense out to it.
Maybe it's not for my generation to know.
I think if anything I am creating myths for the generations that will be here in the tomorrow hours of not today when technology is far more prevalent then today. Well anyway it is no longer my problem. Oh, I will still worry about you understanding but...

A Photographer is nothing without a model and a model is nothing is nothing without a photographer. I am an artist with a muse. I don't understand her, i just know she demands that I listen to, look and feel what she has to say and do, then record and log it. Your job is to make sense or not of our dance and conversation.
I have spent years trying to explain this dance that even I don't understand, so now you know why i can't explain it to you in a comprehensive 23 work synopsis that will fit in a #tweet, fACEBOOK post or commercial snippet. I would like to but I am a "Cliche" artist, yeah your damn right that's why they call me an artist because I sound like one! LOL

So that leaves us here now. I have decided to just create and leave the interpretation up to you, because you are really a witness of the logging of the event that happens to my witnessing of the event that I see before me.

Understand it or not I have tried to make this all comprehensible but I start to loose my place and leave things out that are important to the message what ever then I try to sell it and people tell me I have to aim the imagrey to a deographic and I agree and then the next thing that happens is the work comes out hollow. Oh well.

the Spell is broken...until next time

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