Saturday, December 17, 2016

Cool Defiance , Don Deleva

Cool Defiance :  .250 Ply wood, acrylic paint, varnish,  8"x 10" 11/2016
price: 225.00 plus free shipping

About the title:
This painting depicts a young woman cautious, intrigued and excited seconds before she exchanges her first words with an attractive stranger.

Cool Defiance:

Clubbing on a Thursday night is dedication to the scene.
Pulsing music, cutting edge fashion, faces cool, mind in trace.
She has seen him before, watching her dance but he never comes over just slants there and stares

" There is something different about that guy..."
Slightly scared she slinks outside.
Seconds later he appears through the door, glancing both ways she is leaning against the wall.
In a cool defiant pose her heart skips a beat, all shields up seconds before they meet...

Story  __________________________
Rain is coming down on the streets, gold, green and red flash in the intersections.
LD is done with this brown trout chasing her like a fishing lure.

" I don't know how many times I need to tell you to back off  GreyGrave !" LD warns him.
 " For the 69th time...BACK OFF !"

GrayGrave's deaf eyes roll from the asphalt to her face, watching her press a slim cigarette between her lips.

She leans up against the wet, multi-colored brick wall in a poetic kind of way, you know when you grope for Luna. 

I had this thought in the shower as piping hot water was running down my back, what if the earth invented and evolved human kind to build the planet in to a sentient being with concrete, glass and iron as armor against stray asteroids.

Now picture a story based on this premise as a future religion where the desecration of nature is the goal. The belief is that every inch of the earth should be covered in asphalt buildings, concrete steal and glass. Biohumans are obsolete since the depth of their knowledge has reached a bottom point.

The earth is the real being not it's inhabitants.  

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Power suit, Don DeLeva

Power Suit:  Skateboard Ply, acrylic paint, varnish,  41"x 10"
SOLD : Jason Fester Skateboard Collection, Seattle Wa.

Hear is the newest Skateboard,Title: Power Suit, Acrylic on Skate Deck, 41 x 11 x .35 . 10/2016. She fights everyday, puts her soul into her work. Strong, knows how to get what she wants, she has earned her "Power Suit" climbed the ladder and become a leader.

She is a strong woman comfortable in her womanhood. "While an exposed breast in public can have many associated connotations, some women in America today argue the exposed breast is a symbol of liberation. They speak against the proposed notion that their rightful place was below their male counterparts. " , "As a form of liberation." Along with the tie, I painted her breasts as a symbol of her equality, liberation and strength in the business world.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Money Money Mask, DeLeva

Money, Money , paper Mache mask and acrylic, 10" x 6" x 4" SOLD .

I guess I should have a story I should tell to strengthen my brand but not not sure what to say except that it has been hard letting myself be okay with thing happening the way they do.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Box thinker, DeLeva portrait.

Box Thinker, 3" x 5" x.150, acrylic on wood. 2016. SOLD

This is portrait is dedicated to all those who truly think outside of the box.

Fighting Ghosts Skateboard DeLeva

Fighting Ghosts, Acrylic on skate deck,  31" x 8" x .25", 10/2016 SOLD

I have been painting skateboards now for about  6 months. I have created about 8, they have been fun but it seems maybe they have run their course.

My printing job allows me the opportunity to do a lot of self reflection, watching prints pass in front of you and roll up on a take up core for hours on end can be quite challenging if you don't have anything to think about or if you lack an imagination.

Anyway, my point is after a lot of thought and revaluation of my last 3 years of art I have realized my painting direction lacks a focus. While skateboards were fun I realized that for my work to be more effective I should focus more on the message then the medium.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Don DeLeva art: painting skate board, Divine Right To Rule

RUN TO THE HILLS !!! Iron Maiden. I painted this board in the same spirit of the song. " Murder for freedom a stab in the back" , "Selling them whiskey and taking their gold, enslaving the young and destroying the old! ". War is a tool used to impose a “Divine call” to action. The call itself is a tool of propaganda. This deck is about that propaganda and how it is used to convince the masses these actions are justified by the divine.

This board is neither an anti-war nor a pro-war statement. It is just a reminder of how we justify our actions. Created 11.16.2016

Currently Selling for $400.00 on EBAY  SEARCH word DELEVA

Friday, September 23, 2016

Virgin Mary

Virgin Mary, I like to know what the medium is and date but sorry I can't find any.

Virgin Mary is one of my biggest inspirations for my portraits. They are all about the strength, love and power of woman.
I realize they are a symbol of Catholicism, I see them more for their expression of humanity and for what it means to be a human.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Diego Velasquez : portrait de l’Infante Marie-Thérèse

Diego Velasquez, Portrait de l’Infante Marie-Thérèse in age 14:  Oil on canvas,  50"x 72", 1665.

True Patriot:  wood panel, acrylic, varnish,  5"x 7", 9/2016.SOLD

Believe it or not this Diego Velasquez painting influenced my painting. You can see it in the composition and shapes.

True Patriot:  clay panel, acrylic, varnish,  5"x 7", 9/3/2016
SOLD : Steve Nelson Collection, Indianola, IA.

Sometimes you just have to believe in yourself and not listen to the odds. This painting is about listening to my inner voice defend my best interests at every cost, cheering me on. Believe in yourself!
I have a True Patriot, that is me!


Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Don Deleva: Ironman Cyborg

Ironman, Tony, Extremis:  wood panel, acrylic, varnish,  12"x 16", 8/2014?.

So this is the final progression, as the portrait is today.

Explanation: This is a portrait of Ironman as Tony Stark becoming the Extremis Armor. Notice I said Ironman AS Tony Stark. I say this because this is the pivotal moment when Tony realizes he can be his armor...Cyborg

Wait till I tell you about my Idea for Cyclops...OMG!!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Don Deleva : Red armor clad figure

Don Deleva Ironman

Ironman:  wood panel, acrylic, varnish,  12"x 16", 3/2013?. Painted Over.

This is a portrait of Ironman, not Tony Stark, but Ironman. At the time I painted it I was just starting to "get into comics". As a kid I never really read them, but the art in them is now starting to draw me in.

Anyway, as I read more Ironman comics I started to realize that Tony Stark is a Transhuman and Extremis has turned him in to a Cyborg. I know for all you Comic fans out there that's obvious.

This portrait above is has been painted over with a new image of Ironman becoming a Cyborg.

So now I will tell you why I posted this. I keep painting a red, armor clad, character in my newest paintings. He seems to be taking on the role of my gut feelings, my intuition. The character seems authoritative, always pointing out a direction, however the armor would suggest to me that he is vulnerable without it. At this point I have been calling him my intuition pointing out the direction of my path, what ever that is.

Why did I post my first version of Ironman? So you can see the progression.

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