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Wow, was it HOT with no breeze, it made for a long fair. Sunday was the good day, the best part of Sunday was people where talking about Leviathan, the second was that I sold "Grave decision" to one of the few female grave diggers in this state. :-). That is my favorite kind of sell, like when I sold Copernicus to a Mathematician. Any way its time for me to get ready for my Corridor galley show. De Leva...OUT!
Boy Bellevue is HOT in the 90s easy. Not large crowds but lots of families. Not much to say from my end except I got a lot of hits, that's about it. I don't think my demo is here and if they are they ain't stepp'en up.

Bellevue day 2.

Yesterday saw small crowds, scouts no doubt for today. I have no doubt that today is going to be hopping and hot, 9o degrees or so. Justin Hillgrove, my fair mentor and booth partner, did pretty well. His work is on the mark, great color irresistible images and all around fun. Here is a link to his work: We are located in the International Jeweler's parking lot, 8th and Bellevue way. Hope to see you there.

Bellevue art fair

Last night was the set up for the Bellevue art fair, in down town Bellevue amidst the sky scrapers and commerce. Justin Hillgrove and I are in the International Jewelers parking lot. I feel like we are in Orange County, SoCal, we are just missing the surfers and valley girls. Anyway, this show should be good. Ill keep you posted.

Corridor Gallery Show

Link: Here's a link to my Show at the at CORRIDOR GALLERY in Pioneer Square Seattle, it's on first Thursday august 6, from 6:oo to 9:oo. See you catz there.


I wanted to thank Monika Cassidy for purchasing " Surrealist " at the Museum of Northwest Art annual auction. Thank you for adding me to your collection.