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Be for the turn. B4 the Turn: 5" x 7" , acrylic painting on wood panel. This painting was more of a historic time marker for me. I wanted to designate that this painting was created before the birth of  of AI. Don’t blame me! The Jeanie is out of the bottle. This Dali like, art work notes this present time in history, before cybernetic enhancement have gone commercial.  “B4 The Turn”, literally means, before the turn of accepting commercial grade neural devices as a part of normal everyday commerce and exchange. In this cubist painting I have combined a portrait with geometry to suggest a surreal impression of what a synthetic, analytic and enhanced thought might look like to the Transhuman cyborg like artist.

Don DeLeva current projects

Here are two works I am working on since the 2019 Museum of Northwest Art auction entry. This is a linoleum plate. It will be a color plate .   This is the 3 phase of one of my Neo Cubist paintings. My education is in printing, my roots are in drawing and I taught myself painting. A few weeks ago a good friend gave me an etching press and I am starting to print linocuts. I see this moving towards etchings at some point, but for now I have to get my printing work flow down.