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Don Deleva: Ironman Cyborg

Ironman, Tony, Extremis:  wood panel, acrylic, varnish,  12"x 16", 8/2014?. So this is the final progression, as the portrait is today. Explanation: This is a portrait of Ironman as Tony Stark becoming the Extremis Armor. Notice I said Ironman AS Tony Stark. I say this because this is the pivotal moment when Tony realizes he can be his armor...Cyborg Wait till I tell you about my Idea for Cyclops...OMG!!!

Don Deleva : Red armor clad figure

Ironman:  wood panel, acrylic, varnish,  12"x 16", 3/2013?. Painted Over. This is a portrait of Ironman, not Tony Stark, but Ironman. At the time I painted it I was just starting to "get into comics". As a kid I never really read them, but the art in them is now starting to draw me in. Anyway, as I read more Ironman comics I started to realize that Tony Stark is a Transhuman and Extremis has turned him in to a Cyborg. I know for all you Comic fans out there that's obvious. This portrait above is has been painted over with a new image of Ironman becoming a Cyborg. So now I will tell you why I posted this. I keep painting a red, armor clad, character in my newest paintings. He seems to be taking on the role of my gut feelings, my intuition. The character seems authoritative, always pointing out a direction, however the armor would suggest to me that he is vulnerable without it. At this point I have been calling him my intuition pointing out the directio

DeLeva and Authenticity

Recently I was asked in a disapproving tone: "Did you go to school to paint like that? " - nameless  My answer;  Absolutely I did! I spent hard earned money on an education so I could better understand how to use tools and history to more effectively communicate feelings that I can only express in images.  I never went to school to emulate a style of painting. Sure along the way I emulated Dali, Tanguy and numerous other artists (none of witch were my professors), but my education was spent learning how to learn, so I could deconstruct art and have an idea of what and how the artist accomplished the work they created.  Is my vision unique? No how could it be?   
Tag lines for my new post card.  Illuminating darkness since 1985. D-constructing darkness since 1985. D-constructing Northwest dark in to the light

Band: Us Maple

US Maple This interview is straight to the point of not getting to a point. This is the premise of my art Art and has been the premise of my art. I give you just enough information for you to come to your own conclusions. Art is about making people think and strengthening the individual. An individual has his or her own ideas about the world. My paintings are glimpse of  ideas, reality, emotion and human interaction all coming together in a moment of now to have no point but the point you make of it. My work is about creating the specifically vague. The specificity of the vague.

Franz Hals


Evolution of a portrait: Don DeLeva



Beatice:  Scratch board, acrylic, varnish,  5"x 7"

Polvo, in prism, the Pedler !! oh so awesome!!!!! Thank you Ash Bowie!!! Uploaded on Apr 8, 2011 (lyrics are my best guess) The Pedlar arrived on a cold day With no one to call on and nowhere to stay Considered the dream that made him come To stand on the bridge until his body felt numb Cause everywhere people swarm it's hard to break through Till the stranger approached him And his dream came true The Pedlar decided it was deja vu The Stranger was shocked and said 'I feel like I know you' And everywhere roses grow they harvest weeds and Spend their time on a pillow of green You wonder if the vultures approve Don't look at them they're looking at you On rainy days when the sky looks blue You're at the window changing the view But your luck is gonna turn your turn is gonna come And soon you'll be a saint to someone The Pedlar departed on the third night He thought of the Stranger as he walked in the moonlight He savored the touch

Deleva Skateboard : Street Kid.

No do overs...:  Street Kid, Acrylic paint, skateboard ply, varnish, 8/1/2016,