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Painting 12 for the year

Here is a new painting I am working on, this is stage 2. Not sure where it is going I also wanted to let you know I am excited to tell you I have my first retrospective At the Fine Arts & Creatives Emporium in Everett Wa. next month.!!!
I finished SkipJack this weekend, I will post the final painting tonight... Art is about the mulit-layering of an idea like an onion peals back a layer to reveal another layer. I paint in mulit images and layers to emulate this process, thus the importance of only hinting at images. I want you to fill in the blanks of what you are looking at. After all wasn't it your teachers and your parents who told you " You only see what you want to see!" I like Rembrandt because he created realism out of small abstractions. If you look closely at his work you will see that his brushstrokes are as abstract as any of the abstract expressionists. I am working in the same manor only my final product is a lyrical mess that leaves the viewer with the responsibility of making sense of what they are looking at.