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Techina #12 ink on paper 2023. I love art history. It is such an important thing to know that you can create anything you want to create in the way you want to create it.  It has taken me soooooooooooooooooooooooooo long to realize this. It is so is important to know why you create or maybe not. For me I had no choice I felt to the drag of a pencil lead on paper and I was just hooked.     

Techina - Tek-chee-nah

Techina   Techina #01 | Sketch, ink on paper, 4x4, 2023 Don DeLeva red drawing Techina. As they feel it in the cold the smooth plastic tic tic of water that corrodes the soft milk jug in to  tiny particles. She is the The Techina of plastic corrosion.  Techina #02 | Sketch, ink on paper 4x5, 2023 Don DeLeva drawing, Techina #02, ink on paper, I say this as a witness NOT as a judge. Sometimes I just count the squares of pavement when I walk until I remember that this concrete is sidewalk, in the city, on 45th street in Seattle, walking east to eighth street, with passing cars, plastic tents, free way over pass, with only East or West access, floating cars underneath and shrieking left side currant. Let's forget the count because I see movement ahead of me. Then pass the tents, plastic rain and hollow white-claw cans, shoes and shredded fabric and street cams and street paint and refrigerator doors and the binary silver boxes that are rain safe and feed off of 24 hour force fed fissi