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Salmon Eater stage 3

This is the next progression of the Salmon Eater. A new title is starting to arise from it, Gold Lust. You can still see the original composition hasn't changed too much but the integration of the bottom part of the painting is starting to become a part of the work. I don't know if the work is finished, I like the misty quality and the sloppy suggestions of shapes that become foundations for defined images. I need to sit with it for awhile.

Skull painting progress: Stage3 finished.

  I still haven't gone back to Salmon Eater, but it awaits my return. Like I said I finish the Skull, sorry I finished it in one night, Here is it. Title:Summer Nights Medium: oil on clay board Size: 5"x5" Date: 11.2010 It would be nice to say that you can see some of the original scratching or black but all is painted :-).

New Paintings

Title: Rebirth Medium: Acrylic on canvas Size: 4"x6" date: 11.2010

Progress on the skulll painting and Salmon Eater

So the Skull painting is finished. I forgot so take photos of the progress while painting it. See the problem is that I finished it in one sitting, I usually take photos after each sitting. Oh well I will get it right. Salmon Eater has not been changed yet. It needed to dry a little, this time I will take pictures.