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So this year in October I have 2 big shows, one is at the City of Auburn Galleries and the second is at the La Familia gallery. I just got the 2010 city of Auburn gallery announcement in the mail, its always sweet to see your work in print when some one else prints it. ToooT ToooT. I am starting a plan for a redesign of my website. So it might be a little while before I list new work. Stay tuned
Here is some news, I had a painting accepted into the CVG gallery show in Bremerton, curated by Gary Faigin. The painting is "Psycho and Zephretti" oil on panel. I have a photo of it at my website. . The show will be on up in February. I all so got a show at the Georgetown Limited Gallery in Seattle for July. Proceeds support the . I swear I have some work finished I just have to find the time to shoot it. Its coming!