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Deleva, Progression of Stump-01

This is part of a new sort of post method for me since, I seem to be so sporadic. I am going to try to give a photo evolution  history for each painting. This is the first one. At this point there is no title of the painting, but you will see as I paint the title of the work will change. 3/4/18-UPDATE on the stump painting: Still nothing. It is sitting in my studio staring at me. So times it take months. I have had paintings take years to finish.  2/08/18- At this point I seem to have come to a stand still on this painting. Not really sure why, I just can't seem to get a good look on what is going on and where it is going. Time away from it is a good thing. No. 9 front 01/31/2018 At this point I am around 70% complete. I will be saturating the colors but I am still discovering the image. No.8 front 01/26/2018 A working title : Kitty and the Swan No.7 side- 01/22/2018 Sometimes I find turning a  painting on it's side and paint helps to find out the path