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She Hums 24/7

  She Hums 24/7 : Drawing, graphite and Stablio on toned paper. 6.5" x 8" 5/ 2022 It's true, she does stare at the sky all day. Maybe looking for saucers, a ghost or two but most of the time it is the Ravens, Crows, Coyotes and Jackrabbits that offer opportunity to not feel so insignificant in her blind state. I would assume that carrying a current of 1s and 0s, 24/7 can be electrifying but that means you have to step outside yourself to see it. But who has time to see the truth when there is money to be made and another facebook post that proves you did have a bite of "The" 12 foot long chilly Frankfurter at Fudgefest. I know, RIGHT?