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Oil paintings by Don DeLeva at the Retrofit Home gallery in Seattle Wa.

She is what she says

 As if it weren't deep enough i have been told that it is real. I mean i saw it for my own eyes. You know in the city where you are sold and bought like aviators on your preexisting phone plan. It is here in the organization of the logical soup of ones and zeros mixed with electric calculations on the seventh layer of code we all move in a non-gravity world .   Yes starlet you truly are hard your, jeans and studded belt tell me so.  "Smart patrol, no where to go. Suburban robots that monitor reality. Common stock, we work around the clock. We shove the pole in the holes." ~ Mark Mothersbaugh.
In the dust of the New Now her face slowly rises. And ...CUT!  Here they see her cold and confused, which just adds to her sex appeal.  "Which do I choose my darling?"  Then she finishes off her double tall non-fat mocha late, re-applies her MAC lipstick, flips her hair and clacks off into her fade screen with Jordash jeans and Minolo heels.
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