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Aqua went AWESOME! It's so good to have work on the east coast. Next year Aqua, I will send larger work, ( more money!). The La Familia Gallery is working out to be a good place to show and the people are great. I think this year I will concentrate on showing in Washington State. I would love to have a gallery in Grays Harbor or La Connor. I am also going to do more fine art fairs and less craft fairs. I had a great run of craft fairs this year it showed me what the game is about, now I need to take my work to the fine art audience.
This has been a great year, I have had a lot of shows! I showed in Miami Basil at Aqua, I got 2 galleries and entertained my illustration ideas. This year also put in to prospective where I want to go with my work. If anything, I learned my abstract side is an important part of my art. In 2010 I plan to focus back on my abstracts with a new muse. In one way I feel I left my collectors wondering "What the hell is he doing?" All I have to say is, some times you have to step outside yourself to see yourself, you know forest from the trees? By doing this I didn't come away with any "New Vision". What I came away with is the reaffirmation of why I painted in the first place. This year I got to play the "Celebrity Painter" by attending fairs and being out in the public. I also got to paint with quantity as a goal. The experience helped me to understand where to place dollhedz in my work, it also helped me to take my interest in OOP computer programming to