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Don DeLeva: Indian ocean is a big target

I was seeing it from the inside of an plane fuselage along the atmosphere's edge. A rumble and then a feeling of falling... I could see earth from the window and felt the gravitational pull. Everyone in the fuselage was lying down, sleeping or lounging in soft warm cabin light and white sheet bedding. I kissed a long, gentle, slow lipstick kiss to my life. Then I thought "Aim for the Indian Ocean it should be a large target to make a soft landing and the water will extinguish the flames"... But looking back on it,I realize that splashing in water from this height is just like hitting concrete at 20,000 MPH, besides I wasn't the one piloting the fall.
This morning came with a thick fog  "I only have i's 4 U" seeped through my mindscape with inky black of cold dark space. You can ask me why things like this happen but I can't tell the younger ones because there is no Google in my mind. Besides it would only give you an answer that was human conceived for the next 25 years. Made with humans in mind by humans for humans wanting to find their purpose. But these thoughts are being interrupted by my  morning protein mega tablet scrambled with crisp edges. Something I discovered by mistake by almost burning my eggs 15 years ago. Hell yes I like it. What is the motivation for A.I. to excel at being ?  If humans want sex, riches, money etc... what would motivate a machine to evolve? Will machine learning have programs that make random mistakes? (the invention of Post it Notes). Look it up on Google since we already made the mistakes that AI didn't have to. If we do program in mistakes then arnt we just making huma
In the years before our vision was electronic enhanced I could see things that were not there. I lost the ability to see my thoughts when I got my zoom and macro enhancements. So weird how I thought I would have been able to keep that gift I had. How much of my mind is "hooked up" to the visualization of  reality? Yes my illusion of reality. Diving into a rainy Seattle at 5:23am in the morning is an inky experience with the janky sever lights blinking from every building, crane and oncoming cars.