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Don Deleva : Cool Defiance video painting video "cool defiance"

Don DeLeva art : vulnerable

Madison Price :  .250 Ply wood, acrylic paint, varnish,  8"x 10" 10/2016 SOLD: Marty and Tony Price. This painting brings me to a place in my work that is easy to criticize. It's a cat dressed in a jacket... Why do I feel the need to explain this? One, I painted it as a gift. Two, I have a cat and yes I think she is cute as hell. Three, I have come to a place in my 30 years of painting that I am done with the critics in my head and hands. I just want to paint. I have only about 15 to 20 years left and I just want to paint and promote it the way that is most comfortable to me. Maybe you get to a place in your life that you realize the things that are truly you are the most powerful for you. For example, I would much rather be painting then socializing. I think this has been a major component in why my work is not more commonly known.