Saturday, October 6, 2018

Long year so far...

This year's challenges have been convoluted and time consuming. So much so that painting has not been in immediate attention. While my mind wishes there could be less change, life seems to have sharp changes in mind that everyone has to face. I just need to loose my perception of life and welcome reality.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

MoNA: Museum of Northwest Art Auction 2018

I started this year's MoNA, Museum of Northwest Art Auction 2018, painting this week. I am going to do a progression of the painting so you can see how it comes together.

4.01.2018- Due to several life changes this last month I have had little time to work on the painting I was going to donate to the MoNA auction. SO this painting will be worked on but will not appear in the MoNA 2018 Auction.

The first post starts March 3 2018 just scroll down to see the first entry:

No. 5 front 03/07/2018
I decided at this point to start to centralize an image.  It is so ominous mixing grey from earth tones, Ocher Yellow, Iron Gesso, Oxide black and Indian red. This thick mix of opaque grey blots out the sky, it is the wall graffiti block out color that never seems to match the concrete. 

No. 4, front 03/07/2018

No. 3,  front 03/5/2018 
This is the first layer / wash of color to build up the structure. It is an old technique I learned from my oil painting days. It really enforces composition and saturation of color. Subject??? I am seeing the thinker at this point. You can already see the tie, in this case she and he both have ties. 

No. 2,  front 03/4/2018
No. 1  front 03/3/2018

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Paper Doll: Painting Don Deleva

Let me just preface this painting with the fact that paper dolls can not cut themselves out...

  • title 1: Paper Doll
  • title 2: Once I Was A Paper Doll, Now I Am A CSS Stylesheet
  • Medium: Acrylic on panel
  • Size: 6" x 6" x .05"
  • Date: 12/17/2017
  • C-log: #12172017
  • Web:

Maybe the second title needs more explaining. One night, after coding my website and drinking numerous RedBulls I fell asleep at the keyboard...
I dreamt I was paper doll and that my friends and I were going out clubbing in Seattle. I wanted to change my clothes but paper dolls can't change their clothes and neither can they cut out their outfit. So instead of trying to use scissors I decided to code myself a new look in CSS and sure enough, it worked! I got so carried away that I fashioned myself a Prince like outfit minus the ruffles but adding a string of pearls.

Friday, December 29, 2017

Deleva, Progression of Stump-01

This is part of a new sort of post method for me since, I seem to be so sporadic. I am going to try to give a photo evolution  history for each painting.

This is the first one. At this point there is no title of the painting, but you will see as I paint the title of the work will change.

3/4/18-UPDATE on the stump painting: Still nothing. It is sitting in my studio staring at me. So times it take months. I have had paintings take years to finish. 

At this point I seem to have come to a stand still on this painting. Not really sure why, I just can't seem to get a good look on what is going on and where it is going. Time away from it is a good thing.

No. 9 front 01/31/2018
At this point I am around 70% complete. I will be saturating the colors but I am still discovering the image.
No.8 front 01/26/2018
A working title : Kitty and the Swan
No.7 side- 01/22/2018
Sometimes I find turning a  painting on it's side and paint helps to find out the path of the painting. 

Who knows maybe this image wants to be horizontal...
No.7 face- 01/22/2018
Still no real title. I thought about 'Leaving myself in Maui'  but I am not really sold on that title yet. The image is getting a little too heavy for that.
No.6 face- 01/15/2018
Not too much has changed, just filling some computational elements to set up a direction of movement at this point the painting still seems to be about our trip to Maui and the feeling of the sand and surf pulling my body out to deeper water .

No.5 face- 01/13/2018  phase 3 of this day.
As you can tell I have sanded out a lot of the painting. Sanding is a big part of my process. It gives me random textural opportunities that I could never make if I had to think them all out.
No.5 face- 01/13/2018  phase 2 of this day.
Here I put a white wash over a lot of the color.
No.5 face- 01/13/2018  phase 1 of this day.

No.4 face- 01/10/2018

No.3 face- 01/03/2018

No.3 face- 12/16/2018

No.1-  Side 12/16/2017

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Don DeLeva: Candy Breath

Candy Breath is a first attempt to bring both my Pop Surrealist and Abstraction tendencies together.
As you view the painting you can start to see cartoonist features blend into realistic features that are abstracted and then disappear. I do this give the impression of a personality changing as mood changes and conversation ebbs and flows.

This painting SOLD in the "VISIONS EN ROUGE" (link to show), Confluence Gallery (link to gallery), Twisp Wa. 12/2017

Friday, September 8, 2017

Kitty Noire

Kitty Noire:  wood panel, silver mylar wall paper, acrylic paint, varnish,  6"x 6"x 0.5 . 08.09.2017

I started painting on wall paper, this is on Silver Mylar it's more of an experiment. At work I have access to so many types of surfaces that I decided to start taking advantage of the scraps and recycling bins.

DeLeva's RoboCat

RoboCat:  wood panel, acrylic paint, varnish,  6"x 6"x 0.5 . 08.09.2017
SOLD : Trisha Gallagher Collection, Tacoma, WA-->

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

MeBot and Timmy

MeBot and Timmy are two characters I have been panting for a while now. They have been in many abstracts It's only now that I have painted them on their own.

MeBot : Acrylic on wood, 6x6

Timmy : Acrylic on wood, 6x6

This Idea of an Alphabet

This morning while painting an abstract I started to realize that it might help people understand my more complicated work if I paint my characters in a non abstract way. Kind of like sounding out letters phonetically until you understand how to pronounce a word.  This is how I understood how to listen to noise music.    

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Are my paitings busy?

I am asked quite often why are my paintings so busy.

I don't see them as busy, I see them as 3 or five paintings in one.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Huxley's Dream:  clay board panel, acrylic paint and gold leaf, varnish,  6"x 12"x 2.25. 2/2017.

I was reading "The Doors of Perception " by Aldous Huxley during the painting of this work.
One does not need to be under the influence of mind altering substances to understand the malleability of reality and how we consistently change our perception of the now to assess and comprehend our present.
My art de-focuses focal point in order to challenge the viewers perception of what they are looking at. My paintings are meant to "visually change" as moods, sounds and environment change.
The work is not so much about the image, but more about the perception of the viewer.
My goal is to get the viewer to actually "see" themselves think.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Don DeLeva: painting : She War Heels.

She War Heels:  Wood panel, acrylic paint, varnish,  5"x 7"x .275. 1/23/17

Don Deleva art: painting My Black Cape, 2016

Don DeLeva Art, painting of an abstract woman, architectural,

My Black Cape:  clay board panel, acrylic paint, varnish,  5"x 7"x .175. 2016
SOLD : Steve Nelson Collection, Indianola, IA

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Don DeLeva art : vulnerable

Don Deleva art

Madison Price :  .250 Ply wood, acrylic paint, varnish,  8"x 10" 10/2016
SOLD: Marty and Tony Price.

This painting brings me to a place in my work that is easy to criticize. It's a cat dressed in a jacket...

Why do I feel the need to explain this?
One, I painted it as a gift.
Two, I have a cat and yes I think she is cute as hell.
Three, I have come to a place in my 30 years of painting that I am done with the critics in my head and hands.

I just want to paint. I have only about 15 to 20 years left and I just want to paint and promote it the way that is most comfortable to me.

Maybe you get to a place in your life that you realize the things that are truly you are the most powerful for you.
For example, I would much rather be painting then socializing. I think this has been a major component in why my work is not more commonly known.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Cool Defiance , Don Deleva

Cool Defiance :  .250 Ply wood, acrylic paint, varnish,  8"x 10" 11/2016
price: 225.00 plus free shipping

About the title:
This painting depicts a young woman cautious, intrigued and excited seconds before she exchanges her first words with an attractive stranger.

Cool Defiance:

Clubbing on a Thursday night is dedication to the scene.
Pulsing music, cutting edge fashion, faces cool, mind in trace.
She has seen him before, watching her dance but he never comes over just slants there and stares

" There is something different about that guy..."
Slightly scared she slinks outside.
Seconds later he appears through the door, glancing both ways she is leaning against the wall.
In a cool defiant pose her heart skips a beat, all shields up seconds before they meet...

Story  __________________________
Rain is coming down on the streets, gold, green and red flash in the intersections.
LD is done with this brown trout chasing her like a fishing lure.

" I don't know how many times I need to tell you to back off  GreyGrave !" LD warns him.
 " For the 69th time...BACK OFF !"

GrayGrave's deaf eyes roll from the asphalt to her face, watching her press a slim cigarette between her lips.

She leans up against the wet, multi-colored brick wall in a poetic kind of way, you know when you grope for Luna. 

I had this thought in the shower as piping hot water was running down my back, what if the earth invented and evolved human kind to build the planet in to a sentient being with concrete, glass and iron as armor against stray asteroids.

Now picture a story based on this premise as a future religion where the desecration of nature is the goal. The belief is that every inch of the earth should be covered in asphalt buildings, concrete steal and glass. Biohumans are obsolete since the depth of their knowledge has reached a bottom point.

The earth is the real being not it's inhabitants.  

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Power suit, Don DeLeva

Power Suit:  Skateboard Ply, acrylic paint, varnish,  41"x 10"
SOLD : Jason Fester Skateboard Collection, Seattle Wa.

Hear is the newest Skateboard,Title: Power Suit, Acrylic on Skate Deck, 41 x 11 x .35 . 10/2016. She fights everyday, puts her soul into her work. Strong, knows how to get what she wants, she has earned her "Power Suit" climbed the ladder and become a leader.

She is a strong woman comfortable in her womanhood. "While an exposed breast in public can have many associated connotations, some women in America today argue the exposed breast is a symbol of liberation. They speak against the proposed notion that their rightful place was below their male counterparts. " , "As a form of liberation." Along with the tie, I painted her breasts as a symbol of her equality, liberation and strength in the business world.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Money Money Mask, DeLeva

Money, Money , paper Mache mask and acrylic, 10" x 6" x 4" SOLD .

I guess I should have a story I should tell to strengthen my brand but not not sure what to say except that it has been hard letting myself be okay with thing happening the way they do.