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Timmy, up close and personal.


Possie's getting bigger!

Here is a photo of my last 4 paintings. Keep in mind these are the single images that make up my abstracts.

MeBot and Timmy

MeBot and Timmy are two characters I have been panting for a while now. They have been in many abstracts It's only now that I have painted them on their own. MeBot : Acrylic on wood, 6x6 Timmy : Acrylic on wood, 6x6 This Idea of an Alphabet This morning while painting an abstract I started to realize that it might help people understand my more complicated work if I paint my characters in a non abstract way. Kind of like sounding out letters phonetically until you understand how to pronounce a word.  This is how I understood how to listen to noise music.    

Are my paitings busy?

I am asked quite often why are my paintings so busy. I don't see them as busy, I see them as 3 or five paintings in one.