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title: Stag Dream title: Raven Dream title: Cupie and the Raven The Above paintings will be showing at 2009 Aqua, Miami, Fl. Busy Busy This week, I went to Portland to hang a show, then I when to Oly to hang a show, then I brought 6 paintings to La Familia gallery, 3 going to an auction, 3 going to Aqua, then I have a holiday show at the Mourning Market, then I have 9 5x5s to paint along with a 4'x5' painting for the Gallery Zero, and then the Fremont market. Thing are going good.
I saw a stag last night. I talked to a raven on a wire I fell back ward on tilted slowly to let the rain in my mouth. Now, I am no longer. Thank gawd for jumper cables I was out of juice.
I was at the Sunday Market in Fremont this weekend, it was like a dream. It was cold the whole day because I was in the shade, the light seemed to be perpetually 10:00 am. I talked to a lot of people that needed to tell me things, 3 people in particular. It was like talking to people in dreams, everything seemed to have a deeper meaning. It was a long day from 5:18am to 12:42 pm, but it felt some how I passed threw gates or passed a test... It was good day.