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Long time

It's been along time since I gave you any updates at all. I am really sorry about that. I have had a lot of things going on, most of them have centered around the art of computer graphics and Flash. For those of you that think I have given up on my quest for truth and using my freedom of expression, I say to you Have more faith in me! Flash and code only add to my skills of fine art. You will see the results of this soon with my short movies. It takes money and reinvention to be good at what you do, these are the things I have been working on. They insure that I paint as honest as I can. Last year I found myself starting to lean towards selling painting to make ends meet. That became painfully obvious that I have a limited audience for my fine art. Since honesty is the only thing we have in this world I have decided to preserve mine and paint what comes from my head and heart. Computer graphics is my business. It is the money maker that keeps my art honest, it is my way of in vi