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She said "I can't find the sun. I am having problems with my retina translation monitors, ever since I switched my color space to RGBA_Adobe-Rose 1.6.". I couldn't figure out what she meant by the "Sun", because she was feeling really down and was squinting at the fire ball in the sky. This was her third time mentioning this in the very same tone of voice...pulses 3... and in dark measure.

DeLeva Data Portraits

Yesterday I got this thought of a story that has to do with companies making Biochips that plug into the human skull. These chips augment intelligence and physical traits of human animals. I saw some of the companies being, Microsoft- Nitrosoft, Apple- Fuji, IBM:business Nike- Ball, MAC- Fashion, and a few more that specialize in there type of intelligence. For example: Nike: would have chips that would specialize in muscle coordination, balance, things that give athletes an edge. MAC: would aid in facial muscle control, skin melanin manipulation, hair color, nail length, things that could change your physical appearance. Ways of walking weight loss, leg and arm control. Smith and Wesson: Zoom vision, Night vision hand coordination, balance all aimed at civilian gun ownership and sport shooting. What do these these augmentations look like online when you add analog physical features? What do these cyber identities look like when you add data graphics and physical features tog

I don't lie to my phone.

My phone doesn't share my delusions, it exposes them and perpetuates them. We look to the phone in the same way we look at our best friend or child. We ask it questions, adorn and coddle it, tell it our inner most secrets  but we don't lie to it. We don't lie to it to save it's feelings, more we lie to ourselves and only look at the first page of search results that we think affirms our expected answer.