Just a riff

 I am told the LHC smashes particles together to find new ones and to understand how a "Big Bang " may have taken place. In one way I am not really concerned weather I am right or not about the purpose of the LHC, although I might find out I am utterly wrong about the purpose of the LHC. 

What attracts me to the LHC is more about the side effects of smashing particles particles together and how many universes we bring in to existence and destroy during these smashing sessions. 

Think about this, history repeats itself.

What if human animals are just a force of nature,, like weather, that creates universes not only in thought but in physicality.

Placing particles of minerals, metals and dyes in arrangements on wood panels for me is a way of creating a universe. Once you whitens it or you assign your own icons to the images if images are fabricated or hinted at.

Enough for now, time to paint.