Sunday, November 1, 2009

I am starting to work a lot in Acrylics, mainly because of drying time and and durability. If you don't know, oils take at least 6 months to a year to dry to the touch. Then they can take up to another year or so to completely cure. Once the work is cured the oil film is very sensitive to scratches and dust. Since I started doing markets and fairs, I have had to transport my work and subject it to the outdoors, rain, dust and constant handling, besides the transport. Acrylic seems to be able to stand up to mild wear and tear. My true love is oils and it will take some time before I fully understand acrylics, however my acrylics are teaching me a lot about oil. Next year I am looking into traveling to the Southwest and maybe the Midwest for some art fairs. It's time I take the my work outside of Northwest. LA and SF would be closer but people tell me Santa Fe and Austin are the places I should go to show my work. Who knows, I won't know till I get out there. Well, I am off read some WarMachine and Pop bot. DeLeva...out!

AI programming | transhuman questions

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