Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I painted for money and I didn't like it.

Now I paint for myself and I feel like I am actually making a contribution to the creative conciseness of Seattle.

Showing my art in cafes brings the work to the masses of people who live everyday life.

When you go to galleries you see art that sells, otherwise the gallery would not be in business.

My art is not in galleries because it's hard to sell my work. why would anyone try to sell something that is takes convincing the client the work is good?

I truly have had people walk up to my art and say "I want this painting" and on the spot write me a check for a couple thousand dollars.

My work is not hard to understand if you don't want to understand it.

If you feel like you have to know the right answer to my work then you missed the point.

medium: oil on wood
date: currently in progress from 2007 to present.
size: 30 x 40 (ruffly)

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