Thursday, October 4, 2012

I believe these portraits are celebrations of the technological worker, the Tecky.
I wasn't sure for a long time why these portraits were coming out of me. At first I thought it had something to so with the 99% demonstrations, the bank debacles and the corporate corruption. Maybe this has something to do with it but it seems so negative and I wasn't doing research to find out more about these problems, so I knew this really wasn't what I was painting. It just didn't seem correct, the images were too comical for such a heavy topic.

Today I was writing an artist statement about my work and it occurred to me after seeing my Dia De Los Muertos portraits of 2 years ago that what I am painting are Techys.
Thus the cubism and angular lines with the business suits.

These are portraits of people who write code all day and invent the coolist new apps on your phone. They are celebrations of the people in technology.

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