Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Don Deleva: Ironman Cyborg

Ironman, Tony, Extremis:  wood panel, acrylic, varnish,  12"x 16", 8/2014?.

So this is the final progression, as the portrait is today.

Explanation: This is a portrait of Ironman as Tony Stark becoming the Extremis Armor. Notice I said Ironman AS Tony Stark. I say this because this is the pivotal moment when Tony realizes he can be his armor...Cyborg

Wait till I tell you about my Idea for Cyclops...OMG!!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Don Deleva : Red armor clad figure

Don Deleva Ironman

Ironman:  wood panel, acrylic, varnish,  12"x 16", 3/2013?. Painted Over.

This is a portrait of Ironman, not Tony Stark, but Ironman. At the time I painted it I was just starting to "get into comics". As a kid I never really read them, but the art in them is now starting to draw me in.

Anyway, as I read more Ironman comics I started to realize that Tony Stark is a Transhuman and Extremis has turned him in to a Cyborg. I know for all you Comic fans out there that's obvious.

This portrait above is has been painted over with a new image of Ironman becoming a Cyborg.

So now I will tell you why I posted this. I keep painting a red, armor clad, character in my newest paintings. He seems to be taking on the role of my gut feelings, my intuition. The character seems authoritative, always pointing out a direction, however the armor would suggest to me that he is vulnerable without it. At this point I have been calling him my intuition pointing out the direction of my path, what ever that is.

Why did I post my first version of Ironman? So you can see the progression.

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