Friday, December 29, 2017

Deleva, Progression of Stump-01

This is part of a new sort of post method for me since, I seem to be so sporadic. I am going to try to give a photo evolution  history for each painting.

This is the first one. At this point there is no title of the painting, but you will see as I paint the title of the work will change.

3/4/18-UPDATE on the stump painting: Still nothing. It is sitting in my studio staring at me. So times it take months. I have had paintings take years to finish. 

At this point I seem to have come to a stand still on this painting. Not really sure why, I just can't seem to get a good look on what is going on and where it is going. Time away from it is a good thing.

No. 9 front 01/31/2018
At this point I am around 70% complete. I will be saturating the colors but I am still discovering the image.
No.8 front 01/26/2018
A working title : Kitty and the Swan
No.7 side- 01/22/2018
Sometimes I find turning a  painting on it's side and paint helps to find out the path of the painting. 

Who knows maybe this image wants to be horizontal...
No.7 face- 01/22/2018
Still no real title. I thought about 'Leaving myself in Maui'  but I am not really sold on that title yet. The image is getting a little too heavy for that.
No.6 face- 01/15/2018
Not too much has changed, just filling some computational elements to set up a direction of movement at this point the painting still seems to be about our trip to Maui and the feeling of the sand and surf pulling my body out to deeper water .

No.5 face- 01/13/2018  phase 3 of this day.
As you can tell I have sanded out a lot of the painting. Sanding is a big part of my process. It gives me random textural opportunities that I could never make if I had to think them all out.
No.5 face- 01/13/2018  phase 2 of this day.
Here I put a white wash over a lot of the color.
No.5 face- 01/13/2018  phase 1 of this day.

No.4 face- 01/10/2018

No.3 face- 01/03/2018

No.3 face- 12/16/2018

No.1-  Side 12/16/2017

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