What a month! I felt the key turn just a little. 1. I have a gallery in Seattle. It's the La Familia gallery in the TK building. I have been working on getting a Seattle gallery for the last 14 years. Some people don't have to work so hard, to them I say; Good for you, now its my turn and I am ready as all hell. 2. I got into the Mourning Market October 18th at Motor in Seattle, 1950 1st Ave. This should be a great show for my Dia Del Los Muertos work. 3. I'll be showing in at the Little Olympia Theater in November for a play called "the Geek". 4. I have decided to set up a small gallery at the Fremont Market. My goal is to be there year round. For the last 2 months I have been at the Ballard and Fremont market, I decided to be consistant at the Fremont market, so come see me. 5. There is a chance I will be going and showing at the Miami Basil Aqua. I will keep you up to date on that. 6. In November I will be in a group a show at the Gallery Zero in Portland. ILU Portland! I will try to take photos of my newest work and post them by this week end. Come visit me at the Fremont Market.