Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I saw through fog some shimer of gold the light in my eyes old as the night so hard to keep the balance from dark and light this icicles hang from the chimney with care soon in hope that air will be there. I looked further in to the light All I saw was the rabid glow of foggy steel foggy gray steel like the after glow of a large fire in midday. I walked passed the flames in to the Davey Grey dawn I am still walking but at least my mind is more quiet.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I found a small stone in my head today. Yes, it is smooth. Yes, it is the perfect shape for skipping. Yes, it is flat. Yes, it is charcoal gray. now I just need to see it grow.
Crazy Crazy, boy have I been going through some change. I almost don't know if my name is DeLeva any more, lol. So as of last week I have finally landed a gallery in Seattle, the La familia gallery. YEAH!!! I will keep you up to date with that, I might even be going to Miami Aqua this year. Today I am headed to the Fremont market to show off some new paintings and check out the crowds. On October 3 Ill be at the Mourning market with my Dollhedz, this should be fun. I'll keep you up on that.

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