Thursday, October 28, 2010

Salmon eater, work in progress: Painting over an old work




Painting 1.  is a finished painting called Salmon Eater.
Painting 2. is what happens to works that sit in my studio too long.
They get sanded and changed into another painting. LOL!

Painting 3. This is the 3rd stage in the repainting. Notice how it is starting to look completely different. As I paint my subject changes because I really don't ever have a subject to paint this is why it is hard for me to create illustrations. My mind wanders with my immediate feelings and "findings".
I paint shapes and lines or do something to the surface like scratch it. Some times those elements suggest images to me so I go with them until I get board with what I am painting and some times I end the work or end the progression of an image.

I am not looking for a finished recognizable image, rather I seek the ephemeral or enigma. I am looking for that place before something becomes a materialized image or thought. I am interested in moment before you label something and attach preconceived ideas and classifications to it. 

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