Thursday, October 28, 2010

Salmon eater, work in progress: Painting over an old work




Painting 1.  is a finished painting called Salmon Eater.
Painting 2. is what happens to works that sit in my studio too long.
They get sanded and changed into another painting. LOL!

Painting 3. This is the 3rd stage in the repainting. Notice how it is starting to look completely different. As I paint my subject changes because I really don't ever have a subject to paint this is why it is hard for me to create illustrations. My mind wanders with my immediate feelings and "findings".
I paint shapes and lines or do something to the surface like scratch it. Some times those elements suggest images to me so I go with them until I get board with what I am painting and some times I end the work or end the progression of an image.

I am not looking for a finished recognizable image, rather I seek the ephemeral or enigma. I am looking for that place before something becomes a materialized image or thought. I am interested in moment before you label something and attach preconceived ideas and classifications to it. 

Monday, October 25, 2010

Skull painting progress: Stage2

At this point you can see that I have scratched in a skull and then dripped paint over the panel. I used a very "loose" paint to drip an organic grid for me to work with. ( in the same way that bones are an organic scaffolding for the muscles.)
The paint is oil, it's 1 part paint to 6 parts turpentine.  It's called lean paint because the oil has been broken down in favor of flow and dying speed.
There is a process of painting called "Lean to fat", it's a process that insures that the paint will dry correctly. For now, just understand that loose paint in the beginning is really important to the longevity of the style of painting I work in, "Glazing". I will go over that in the a little later.

Skull painting : Stage1

I have had a lot of people ask me to show them how I paint. I am going to try to answer that by taking you through a painting from start to finish.

This is a photo of a piece of Masonite that used to be a scrap piece of Scratch board sitting on my easel. Some times I find things and work over them. At this point I have done nothing to the Masonite.

A quote from Sentences on Conceptual Art from Sol De Witt

"16. If words are used, and they proceed from ideas about art, then they are art and not literature; numbers are not mathematics. "
Sol De Witt
Numbers are not mathematics in my art. They are representations of emotions mixed with mystery. They come to me as I am painting and I feel it is important to include them in the content of the work because they came to me in the creative process.

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