Sunday, September 8, 2013

Letter from the medium,
Let the medium be itself, then tease it to suggest images that were never meant to be created.

It takes an ability to see with the minds eye and have an open mind enough to let shapes and colors suggest  anything and everything. Then it is just a matter of you choosing what you want to bring out. Leave the integrity of the original vision so that from a visual stand point the viewer doesn't know weather the image was purposeful or accidental. It's as if the medium is talking to you and letting you  know this is the way it reacts to .

"by throwing a sponge full of color at a wall it leaves a stain in which a fine landscape can be seen... as well as heads of men, animals, battles, rocks, seas, clouds and other things...In this you will find marvelous ideas because the mind of the painter is stimulated to new inventions by obscure things. ”
Quote: Salvador Dali

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