Sunday, December 4, 2016

Fighting Ghosts Skateboard DeLeva

Fighting Ghosts, Acrylic on skate deck,  31" x 8" x .25", 10/2016 SOLD

I have been painting skateboards now for about  6 months. I have created about 8, they have been fun but it seems maybe they have run their course.

My printing job allows me the opportunity to do a lot of self reflection, watching prints pass in front of you and roll up on a take up core for hours on end can be quite challenging if you don't have anything to think about or if you lack an imagination.

Anyway, my point is after a lot of thought and revaluation of my last 3 years of art I have realized my painting direction lacks a focus. While skateboards were fun I realized that for my work to be more effective I should focus more on the message then the medium.

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