Saturday, October 6, 2018

Long year so far...

This year's challenges have been convoluted and time consuming. So much so that painting has not been in immediate attention. While my mind wishes there could be less change, life seems to have sharp changes in mind that everyone has to face. I just need to loose my perception of life and welcome reality.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

MoNA: Museum of Northwest Art Auction 2018

I started this year's MoNA, Museum of Northwest Art Auction 2018, painting this week. I am going to do a progression of the painting so you can see how it comes together.

4.01.2018- Due to several life changes this last month I have had little time to work on the painting I was going to donate to the MoNA auction. SO this painting will be worked on but will not appear in the MoNA 2018 Auction.

The first post starts March 3 2018 just scroll down to see the first entry:

No. 5 front 03/07/2018
I decided at this point to start to centralize an image.  It is so ominous mixing grey from earth tones, Ocher Yellow, Iron Gesso, Oxide black and Indian red. This thick mix of opaque grey blots out the sky, it is the wall graffiti block out color that never seems to match the concrete. 

No. 4, front 03/07/2018

No. 3,  front 03/5/2018 
This is the first layer / wash of color to build up the structure. It is an old technique I learned from my oil painting days. It really enforces composition and saturation of color. Subject??? I am seeing the thinker at this point. You can already see the tie, in this case she and he both have ties. 

No. 2,  front 03/4/2018
No. 1  front 03/3/2018

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Paper Doll: Painting Don Deleva

Let me just preface this painting with the fact that paper dolls can not cut themselves out...

  • title 1: Paper Doll
  • title 2: Once I Was A Paper Doll, Now I Am A CSS Stylesheet
  • Medium: Acrylic on panel
  • Size: 6" x 6" x .05"
  • Date: 12/17/2017
  • C-log: #12172017
  • Web:

Maybe the second title needs more explaining. One night, after coding my website and drinking numerous RedBulls I fell asleep at the keyboard...
I dreamt I was paper doll and that my friends and I were going out clubbing in Seattle. I wanted to change my clothes but paper dolls can't change their clothes and neither can they cut out their outfit. So instead of trying to use scissors I decided to code myself a new look in CSS and sure enough, it worked! I got so carried away that I fashioned myself a Prince like outfit minus the ruffles but adding a string of pearls.